Optical illusion girl

 (spinning dancer by Nobuyuki Kayahara)

I had never seen this one before.

Which way does the girl turn when you watch?

Some people believe it depends how your brain works as to which way she spins.

Our youngest can even make her turn at will!

Keep watching, if the direction doesn't change after a while, try looking from the side of the screen.

Our girls loved this and we also looked at lots more optical illusions too. 

Please leave comments on this post especially if you have any knowledge of how your brain interprets this and if it is right brain-left brain or some other brain that controls it!!



  1. I see it going both ways too. We can decide, but only to a degree, which side of the brain to use when observing. We just usually aren't aware enough to do so...or it just doesn't matter. The exercise is really more left brain though.
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  2. I have mentioned you today in my blog post at Real Life In A Minute. Go take a look.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on my broken link! Stupid typo. Fixed now. Visit when you can:

  4. Haha, that's just too cool! I got it going the other way once, but couldn't get her to turn again. How bizzare. Thanks for sharing. =]

  5. I've been skeptical about this graphic for some time because it always seemed that the lady was rotating on her left foot. I would think, "Duh! What's so challenging about this?! And why does this even qualify as a brain teaser?" Admittedly, I would only look at the graphic for a few seconds before coming to my conclusion. Well, you would be proud to know that today, I actually decided to be patient (which is rare!) and watch for at least a minute. And you know what? The leg the lady was standing on changed!!! This is the FIRST time I've ever been able to see this trick! Thanks for posting it and for giving my brain an early morning workout :)

  6. For me the girl is revolving right side only ...

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  7. I've been staring at this thing for a few minutes...she's still only going one way for me (to the right).

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  8. She's only going one way for me...very interesting idea - I'll have to show it to Cutie Pie and see what he thinks! I'm following! Thanks for following Mom is the Only Girl!

  9. Hmmmm.... way cool!! I seen her spinning both ways. If I look from the side of the screen she changes direction.

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  10. I saw this on Dr. Phil the other day. Funny though when I saw it on t.v I saw her spinning clockwise, now I see her going counter-clockwise. What does that mean for me? Hosting a new blog hop TGIF blog hop (Friday) would love for you to swing by and link up!

  11. I can only see it one way. To the right!

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  12. Okay... only going to the right for my, clock-wise. Doesn't matter how I look at my computer screen, but i do have a stigmztizim (sp) that messes with how I see a lot of things, LOL! A new follower from BMBF.

  13. Well, I only see her going clockwise but I'm never wrong (just ask me) so my brain is right. Mmmmkay?

  14. Very cool. She turns both clockwise and counterclockwise. And if you click on her she will change direction. Thanks for following Life or Something Like It. Following back.


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