Choose your own adventure books

Did you ever read the 'Choose your own adventure' books as a kid? I used to love them. They were one of the best selling kids book series of the 80s and 90s!

  In these books, you are the hero or heroine , and at the end of most pages you get to choose what happens next. There is a choice  of different options, or paths you can take, by turning to different pages to continue the story.  I read and re-read these books, loving that it was different every time I read it!
I was thrilled to find one recently in a second-hand bookshop, and bought it for our daughters.  Initally it was a bit tricky for the eldest to read and understand on her own.  (They were originally written aimed at 10-14 year olds, and our eldest is just 7).  So I read it to both girls, and they took turns deciding how the adventure would go on - what decisions they would make and ultimately the ending!  They enjoyed this, and our eldest has gone on to read it again and again on her own. 

I am now on the lookout for more of these books for our girls to read.  So I was really happy to find the other day in the library, a' Choose your own fairy adventure book'! This is one of the very popular Rainbow Magic Fairy book series, which our girls adore! 

Needless to say, the combination of familiar and well loved fairies, together with an adventure of their own choosing - has made it a very popular book!

Another great rediscovery from my own childhood.

How about you? Have you or your kids ever 'chosen your own adventure' in these books?



  1. We also used to do what one of the kids named, "Pretend Stories", at bedtime. You just start with a couple sentences, beginning of course with "Once upon a time..." Sometimes my husband or I would make up the whole story, weaving our children's names into it. Sometimes we'd drop the ball and have one of the kids pick up where we left off! I can't wait to do it with my grandaughter!

  2. I love the "choose your own adventure" books! So much, in fact, that I started writing short ones for my friends in school when I was 12, haha. Too much fun. I'd be happy if they brought them back into popularity for this generation. I think they'd be just as popular. =]

  3. Loved these books and years later I'm now building a series of mobile apps based on them; which creates new opportunities for the format like badging and score comparison via Facebook. You can see my choose your own adventure books vs. app comparison at:


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