Cyber safety

A couple of weeks ago I picked up a leaflet in our local library about cyberseurity education for primary school students.

Since both our girls are in primary school, and do use the computer several times a week - including games and email on the internet, I thought it would be a useful and important thing to look at.

The information was about an Australian Government website which has an activity based learning programme, called 'buddie'  to promote the safe, secure and ethical use of digital technologies.

I just had a look at the demo game, where you can try the activity out.  I was impressed at how well the information was presented, and in a format I know our kids will love.  You get to build your own cyber buddie - choosing colours, faces, arms legs, pet etc by learning about cyber safety and taking mini quizzes and playing mini games to unlock the parts.  This is the same format as many of the other games our kids play online. Creating new characters is often their favourite part of the games!

It goes through some basic computer security information and vocabulary, like passwords, viruses, firewalls and filters.  I think it's a great way to introduce these important ideas to kids in a fun way.

I've only explored a tiny part of this site. There is a primary resource section, as well as a secondary  section for teenagers.  Plus school, business and home internet user information and resources.

With the recent news regarding cyber bullying, where parents are calling for facebook etiquette to be taught in schools, this site is a timely find, and I believe it looks like a useful tool in educating our kids in cyber security, from a early age.

How are you teaching your kids to be cyber safe?


(this is purely my own opinion about this website - I received no compensation for this review)

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