Holidays - a time for new experiences

The long summer school holidays provide a great opportunity for kids to try new things.

Earlier this year, our girls tried out Little Lifesavers in a 3 day holiday programme.  With so many opportunities for after school activities, it's hard to fit in everything our girls want to try, so holiday programmes are  a great way to get a taster of something new, without having to commit to a whole term or season.

This holiday, both our girls tried something new again.

 They both do swim training most days in the holidays.  Last week, their regular coach went on an extended holiday, so we've taken the opportunity to go to another pool with an affiliated coach for a change.  This means an extra long drive compared to usual, but it's only for a couple of weeks, and we're managing to make the most of that, with favourite music played on the way there, and on the way home as it's dark, we're getting to see lots of Christmas lights and decorations in areas we don't usually drive through!

This morning, we tried an early morning swim training session for the first time.  A 4.15am start really doesn't appeal to me, but it's good to try new things, so we all got up early and drove to the pool.  While the girls did their training session, I took the opportunity for an early morning run, then afterwards we all went down to the beach for a BBQ breakfast with bacon and eggs! Followed by a play on the sands in the early morning sun!

Sitting on the beach at 8am (when the above picture was taken), was a wonderful moment. The girls were playing happily, still full of energy and wide awake.   They are both still a little young for early morning swim training sessions regularly, but at least their first introduction to them has been a positive one. So if they continue with their swimming and once the time does come, they at least have an idea of what they are letting themselves in for and should go in with a positive attitude!

One of the things I have to say I was most impressed with today was the continued energy the girls had throughout the day despite the early start. The giggles we had over a quick slice of toast at 4.30am were still there at dinner time, and bedtime was only an hour earlier than usual!

I think we do have a tendency to judge kids by what we ourselves can do.  I knew that getting up at 4.15am would leave me tired later in the day, so I expected them to be too, but no! When do we lose that boundless energy?

What new experiences will you give your kids in the next school holidays?


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