Day 5 of 365 new things in 2013

We're still going well with our challenge to try something new every day this year. Admittedly it's only the 5th day of the year, but we're confident we can continue for hundreds more days!!

Our eldest daughter's new thing today was to ride with me by bike to the local swimming pool. It's around a 6km ride, which made it 12km biking in total, with a nice swim in the middle to cool off!  She was initially nervous riding on the roads, but it's a nice quiet area, so was a great chance to practice arm signals, turns, roundabouts etc in a safe environment.   She really enjoyed the experience, learned lots and is keen to go out again!

Our youngest made a start with me on the 6th Harry Potter Book as her new thing today! We've read the first 5 together, and watched the movies.  It's nice to be moving on to the next book now.  I think these books can be quite intimidating for kids to read because of their large size, but once we started reading, she soon got lost in the story and we read twice as much as we'd planned!



  1. That seems like a lot of new things! I hope it works out for you!!

    1. Thanks Brenda! We already have lists of things we can pick new experiences from - there's always plenty of new foods to try, places to visit and books to read - it's going to be a fun challenge!


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