Learning to Crochet! - Day 3 of 365 new experiences

One of today's new experiences was to make a start on learning to crochet. I've never tried before, and neither have the girls, so we bought 3 crochet hooks and sat down this morning with a you-tube video for beginners.

Although I thought the video was nice and clear, it was quite fast so I had to watch, learn, then explain to the girls and show them in slow motion, helping them hold the hook and wool in the right places.

Initially the girls found it tricky, but our eldest (aged 9) got the hang of the basics quite quickly, and our youngest (aged 7) then kept picking up the hook and wool on and off all day to practice.  I was impressed by her determination and staying power in practising the same thing over and over again!

Our ultimate aim is to make Amigurumi (small crocheted characters) for which there are endless patterns and cute ideas that our youngest daughter has already made in her imagination!

What a great skill this is to learn for hand-eye co-ordination.  It will help improve dexterity, concentration, and also provide great practice in following instructions and patterns.

Although we've only just started learning, the positive reaction from the girls is encouraging and I'm looking forward to keeping the momentum going and doing a little each day!

It's also one of our new experiences in our 365 new experiences in 2013 challenge.

What new skills will you and or your kids learn this year?



  1. You should go and watch Pip's video's over at Meet Me at Mikes on learning to crochet. Very clear and easy to follow... it's how I learnt!

    Good luck! Love hearing when crochet has hooked someone else into it's addictive qualities!

    1. Thanks for the link - I'm off to check it out now!


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