Try something new every day in 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

So have you set your New Year's Resolutions and goals for the year yet?

We decided to have a challenge for this year - particularly for our girls.

The challenge is to try something new every day throughout 2013.

So that is 365 new experiences!

The year has started off well - with a few new experiences on this first day of January.

Our eldest daughter got this day-to-page Origami calendar for Christmas.  So this morning she made a crane puppet. Each day she'll try making something new and learn new folds and instructions for Origami.   I think this will be a fun and useful skill to develop throughout the year - helping hand-eye co-ordination, accuracy, following instructions - and it's also kind of puzzle solving too!

Our youngest daughter tried out one of her Christmas presents today too - a Mutant Monster Crystal growing kit!  She had to first construct the monster with the paper pieces and they pour the crystal solution into the tray and watch throughout the day as the moisture was soaked up and formed into crystals!
Again this is a great new experience for her to try, and looking ahead to the academic year, part of the curriculum for year 3 science involves carrying out science experiments and predicting what might happen in them. So this provided a good opportunity to flex her scientific predicting skills!

Both girls are starting the year in the spirit of this challenge trying to keep open minds.  At lunch time Daddy was eating soup. He pointed out that one of the ingredients was Barley - the girls hadn't tried this before, so took the opportunity to try something else new today.  We all know how kids can be with trying new foods -  and there was an initial "no - thanks", but it was swiftly changed to "yes - please!"

Euan and I are also going to join in this challenge too - it's always good to lead by example - and a quote the girls particularly like is:

"The best way to be successful is to follow the advice you give others."

So for them to see us trying new things, encourages them too -and it's also good for us to challenge ourselves too!

We have chosen this challenge as our girls aren't always keen to try new things - often preferring to stay safe with what they know they like.  It is so important to try new things, to keep an open mind as to what things may be like, and to learn new skills, find new interests and likes and dislikes and broaden your horizons.

Some days it may be a challenge to find new things - but I'm sure there are plenty of new foods to try, books to read, skills to learn, activities to try ...and so on!

Why not challenge yourself to have new experiences this year too?  We'll record our experiences and challenges here on the blog and also on our facebook page.  I hope you'll follow along - and we welcome any suggestions for new things to try too!!

Here's to a fabulous and exciting 2013!


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