Spotto - how to improve your observation skills

Have you ever heard of or played this car spotting game?  My girls were taught it recently by a friend of theirs. Quite simply, when you're in the car out and about, if you see a yellow car then you try to be the first to shout 'Spotto' - to claim the point for that car.  The girls have also added more things to the list of things to spot - including pink cars (Pinko), Purple cars (Potto) , cars the same as ours, Learners and more. They seem to add more each time we go out!

When I was a kid, we used to go on lots of driving and camping holidays and played plenty of games spotting things out of the windows, which was great to while away those long hours sitting in the car.

I think that "Spotto" is an Australian name for this game and seems to be quite well known and used here.  I found an entire website dedicated to the game, with lists of rules and points!

There are 'Spotto' sheets you can download and print out for your kids to use like bingo sheets in the car, and there is even a Spotto app for your iPhone!

However you and your kids play this game - whether just through speaking, or you have printed sheets or a phone app, it's a great way to help improve and develop observation skills.

Observation is an important thing to develop for everyone. It is a whole brain skill, paying attention to detail, using memory, analysing and focusing.

Good observation is also an important aspect of good eyesight - and for this reason this is something that I am keen to encourage in myself and our elder daughter in particular since we both have less than perfect eyesight! (read more here about how we're using eye exercises to improve that!)

Do you play a version of 'Spotto' when you're out and about with your kids -  in the car or perhaps just out walking? What kind of things do you look out for?

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