365 Things to Know

This is a book I've had since I was at primary school.

My parents saved it and brought it out to Australia from the UK a few years ago, so that I could share it with our girls.

When they brought it out a few years ago, I tried to read it with our girls, but I think they were a little young and it didn't hold their interest.

At the beginning of this year, I decided to get it out again, and found that they are now the perfect age for it. (They are currently 8 and 10 years old)

The facts in the book are about all sorts of subject and topics, and
they are split up into one fact for each day of the year, and dated as such.

Some facts are more interesting than others, some provoke more discussion and research, others get read and forgotten.

Both our girls are enjoying reading this book, and we have to take turns reading the facts.  Some days we forget - but just catch up the next day, or the day after.

My copy of this book was published in 1984, 30 years ago!  So I wonder as we read through it, what facts we'll find that have since been 'updated' to reflect new discoveries! As far as I can find from searching, this book is no longer published.

It's a neat book to read as a family - just a snippet each day, and a way of getting our girls to read something other than the endless story books they love so much!

What do your kids read? Just story books? How to you encourage them to read other texts and topics?

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