Can we do a challenge?

Over the recent long summer holidays here in Cairns, our girls wanted to spend time playing on their Samsung Tablets.  Now we've always had the rule that they have to do useful and educational things on their tablet first, to 'earn' time to play. So 15 minutes of educational games can then be followed by 15 minutes of things like Minecraft and other games of their choice!

They were getting a bit bored with the educational apps they had, and we wanted to do something different so we created challenges for them to complete on their tablets before they could play their games.  These challenges involved finding out about a place or person, making notes and then telling us what they'd found out at dinner time that evening.

Most challenges were geographical, as their knowledge of other
countries in the world is quite limited, so this was a great opportunity for them to learn!

So mostly we would just give them the name of a country and they would go and find out where it is, how big it is, the population, some interesting facts and things to see there.  

They really enjoyed these little challenges, and learned a lot about the world, countries, rivers, mountains, landmarks, flags and languages. They particularly enjoyed finding some 'interesting facts' to tell us!

To the girls, these challenges were fun, but they were indirectly practising Geography (looking at locations and countries around the world), Maths (population and land sizes then comparisions) and English (research, note taking and presentation skills).

This is definitely something we will continue to use with our girls, and something that can be adapted to any topic.

What educational things do your kids use their computers or tablets for?



  1. Great post. My older kids do research. The younger (3 yrs) is not up for any learning on his tablet. I'm okay with this for now because our days are filled with planned activities.
    I'm a new follower on Twitter.


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