Build your own internal combustion engine!

At the end of last year the girls' Grandpa gave us this kit to make with the girls - to learn how a car engine works!

So many tiny pieces and lots of instructions. It was all a bit daunting.

After putting it off for several months, we finally bit the bullet and got it out out of the box to try last weekend.

It took us 2 days, some concentrated effort, 

lots of breaks, 

some frustration and taking things apart and putting them back together again.

...My power drill even came out at one stage when one part just wouldn't fit!
But in the end it all came together and looked just like the picture on the box!

Then it came to the big moment of switching it on to see if it all worked....and.... yes it did!! All the pistons pumped up and down, things turned and lights went on and off.

At the back of the instructions, there is a whole explanation of what is happening in the engine. I think we need to save that for another time as this was a pretty full-on project and we all needed some fresh air afterwards!!

The girls enjoyed fitting pieces together, putting all the tiny screws in and seeing it take shape, then the excitement of it actually working (after a few reconstructions and re-tightening of screws!)

Have you ever made a kit construction with your kids? Did they enjoy it? Would you do it again?

I think we've had our quota of kit constructions for the time being, but you never know what we might tackle in the future - maybe when the girls are a little older!

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