During a spring clean of our cupboards in last week's school holidays, I found a few games that we have never played before. 

So I decided that we should get them out and give them a go.

Yesterday my younger daughter and I played 'Elimination'.

This game is very simple. The board has 10 numbered grooves with a marble to sit in each one.  You then roll 2 dice and can remove the marbles from the corresponding numbers on the dice. Either the individual numbers or the sum of the two.  So for example in the picture above, I removed the 5 and 3 marbles, but could have removed the 8 marble instead.

You then simply take turns rolling the dice and removing the marbles. The person who removes the last marble wins!


For younger kids it would be a fun game for number recognition and adding two single digit numbers together.

We just enjoyed it as a fun, simple game!

Do you have any games in your cupboard that you never, or hardly ever play?

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