Egg and Spoon Race

Ready, Steady......  Go!!!
Stumble.....drop.....shout, restart all over again!

I always remember enjoying the egg and spoon race, or egg and golf ball race as it always was.
How can such a simple activity be marred by brands and 
one-upmanship with the brand of golf ball you had?  Other similar early sports day events were the fancy dress race, obstacle race, sack race and three legged race.  As games for older kids, tug or war, catch with raw eggs and partners get further and further apart are worth a go too.

An egg and spoon race is simple.  You need a start and finish line, a group of kids, (hard boiled) eggs or golf balls and long handled spoons.  After the race commences the children should run with the spoon and balanced egg held out in front of them.  If the egg drops, you must stop and restart from that point.  No fingers holding the egg on the spoon!!  The first person to cross the finish line with the egg on the spoon is the winner!  The prize is either to eat the hard boiled egg or could be a treat of some sort.

We have recently played with ping pong balls, stones, real eggs and even my trusty old rubber egg to practice the old egg and spoon race.
The girls loved it.  It really is a great way  to run around outside with a purpose.  It also takes some of the competitiveness out of the 'race' as being older or bigger doesn't make such a difference.
The egg and spoon race is good for hand eye coordination as well as balance and concentration and is lots of fun!

You can even buy coloured plastic versions of the game.
I think I'll stick to the old fashioned home made version though.
Are there any other simple outdoor 'races' that you enjoyed as a kid?  Which ones am I missing?


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