First Aid in English

I had the original version of this book when I was a kid.  I remember using it often, and enjoying reading the various lists found in the book - like sounds made by objects.
" the tick of a clock"
"the skirl of the bagpipes"

Or similes like.

"as tall as a giant'
"as purple as the heather"

Or group terms ..

"a pride of lions"
"a smuck of jellyfish" !!

There was always something interesting to find.

I'd quite forgotten about this book until our eldest daughter started studying things in English at school that reminded me of it.  So I ordered a copy from The Book Depository, which delivers free worldwide and has great prices.

Once the book arrived I was so happy to find that our daughters were interested in it too - and have been flicking through it and reading some of the more interesting parts!

It is a fabulous reference book for any student of English, and I used mine for many years!

Grammar points and useful vocabulary terms and phrases are introduced clearly, and then followed by some short exercises to practise them. There are also general tests, comprehension tests and spelling lists at the back of the book, that I'm sure we'll get lots of use out for some extra English practice here and there!

f you'd like to see more about this book or get your own copy of

Are there any great reference or educational books for kids that you can recommend?

(please note I have not been paid or given anything to endorse this book it is just my genuine opinion! - although the link will take you to the Book Depository site where I have an affiliate membership and do receive a commission for any sales from this website)

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