Swimming with an Olympian

Tonight at our girls swimming club we had our club fun races night with the fabulous addition of Australian Olympic Gold Medallist Brittany Elmslie.

She brought her Olympic medals and let all the kids hold them, try them on and have their photos taken with them. The medals are large and very heavy - so impressive!

Brittany herself was brilliant with the kids - she chatted to them about swimming, got in the pool and raced against with them, and told her story of how she went from a young kid in a swimming club to being an Olympic Gold Medallist.

What an inspiring evening for the kids!

A couple of months ago, our girls had another opportunity to meet Olympic Swimmers, and to compete in special handicapped races against them.

Once again, it was an amazing experience for them. The Olympians themselves were great with the kids; taking the time to talk to them, pose for photos and sign autographs.

Then on top of just a great experience - our youngest daughter won the 50m backstroke  (handicapped) race against Gregor Tait.  For that, she received the trophy below and was awarded it by Gregor himself.  Such an amazing moment for her and one she will treasure and remember - the day she beat an Olympic swimmer - when she was just 7 years old!
It was a really special swim meet - where it was all about the younger kids and encouraging them in their sporting endeavours.

It's great that top sports people do take the time to encourage young kids in their sports.  To provide a strong role model and something for the kids to aspire to.

Kids need encouragement and support in their endeavours - and most of all rewards for their achievements, and acknowledgement for their efforts. To get that kind of encouragement and acknowledgement from their own heros and idols is perfect!

Have your kids ever had the chance to meet top sports people in their favourite sports? What impact has it had on them?

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