Beach volleyball

Here in Cairns we have a beautiful Esplanade where the council provides several free fitness activities during the week.  I've started taking our girls along once a week to the free Beach Volleyball session on a Monday evening.  So for one hour, we get free coaching and games on the courts there.

It is generally only adults go to this, but when we turned up with the kids (a friend came with her two kids) we were warmly welcomed.

Although the kids, because they are physically much smaller than the adults, can't play full games with them, we can all join in the drills and practices, and the coach is great in taking time with the kids and helping them with easier moves and games at the side!

Tonight we went down and our two girls were the only kids there, so when we moved on from drills and practices to games, I stayed on the sidelines with them and we practised our passing.  We've been going for a couple of months now - and just that one hour a week is starting to pay off with their ball skills beginning to show a marked improvement.

Now just practising passing the volleyball is something we can do in our own garden at home, but having a set time to go somewhere to practise with others, get a little coaching, meet some other people - and all for free is a great opportunity.

If we didn't go to this organised free session, it is doubtful we could be motivated enough to practice and be this active at home where it is all too easy to stop when you get a little tired or never start in the first place when you have a comfortable sofa to sit on, and a book to read or tv to watch.  The girls also enjoy it as something that I do with them rather than just watch as with their after school sports.

Do you take advantage of any free activities your council offers?  Are kids welcomed there with the adults? Or do your stick to just taking your kids along to organised activities that are specifically for kids?

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