Australian Curriculum

This year I want to make sure that the things I help my girls with academically are relevant to what they are learning and expected to understand at school this year.

To help me do this, I visited the Australian Curriculum website and printed out the curriculum overviews for both our girls 
- year 3 and 5.

It's interesting to read ahead as to what they'll both be learning this year, and to be aware of these things so we can seize opportunities and teachable moments when relevant things come up in our daily lives.  Primary school learning is very much found in day to day activities as it is the foundation of our future learning and knowledge.

The national curriculum was only just introduced in Australia last year - until then each state had it's own independent curriculum.  It's good to know things are being standardised throughout the country and all our children are being given the same education. 
(in theory anyway).

However I don't necessarily want to limit helping our girls with only things that are on the syllabus. I also believe in extending children's knowledge and teaching wherever possible! Children are keen, willing and able to learn given the right environment and it's important to make the most of this amazing stage of their lives!

Do you structure what you help your kids with academically? Or do you just help with whatever things they bring home for homework?

Have you checked out your child's academic curriculum for the year?

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