Feeding the Crocodiles!

This week we have one of the girls' cousins visiting from New Caledonia, so we're getting to do a few touristy things about Cairns.
One thing we did was go to Hartley's Crocodile Adventures Park.

We'd been before a few years ago, but there were a couple of new things there and it's a great place to visit to see these amazing creatures!

One of the tours is a boat cruise where they feed the big Saltwater Crocodiles and you see them jump up out of the water to grab the food! Most impressive!

Then, after seeing this, there is an option to feed the crocodiles for yourself!

You only get to feed the smaller freshwater crocodiles, but it's still amazing!  They give you a long stick with a chicken head tied onto the end and you hold it over the side above the water for the crocs to get!

WHAT an experience!!
I think this has to be the best 'new experience' of 2013 yet! How can we top that?

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