Naplan practice tests online

With Naplan tests coming up each year for those kids in Grades 3, 5, 7 and 9 across Australia, many parents want to help their children prepare.

There are many sites with free practice tests online that your kids can use to help prepare.  Here are the ones I have found:

This site has some great online numeracy, spelling and grammar and punctuation tests. There are just 15 questions in each test which makes them good for short practices for the kids.  You enter your answers on each page by choosing mulitple choice answers or typing in number answer, then your results are given at the end.

This site allows you to create a free account which then gives you access to a free numeracy test that you can take online, or print a PDF version.  There is also an option to pay and gain access to several practice tests in all areas of numeracy and literacy.

This site has free downloadable sample writing tests for Persuasive texts. They include tips for writing these texts; help with planning and a sample answer with notes to explain why it is a good answer.

This site has lots of practice questions and materials for all levels of the test and all areas of numeracy and literacy.

This site has an example of each test for all levels together with the answers.

If you know of any further online resources for Naplan, please do let us know in the comments section!


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