Naplan numeracy practice Grade 3 - Geometry

Geometry is a branch of mathematics concerned with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space

Geometry is one of the areas covered by the Grade 3 Naplan test.   One type of question I've noticed a few times is identifying a specific person in a 'photo' . For example the question may ask what number jumper the person in the back row, second from the right is wearing.  This is basic geometry - in terms of identifying relative position of figures.

To practice this basic skill, we got out some of the girls school class photos from the last few years. We then practised by asking them who was sitting or standing for example - third from the left in the front row. We also reversed this by asking them to describe to us where a particular friend was in the photo. The girls enjoyed looking back over the years to see how they and their friends have grown and changed - this provided a good distraction from the 'maths' aspect of this activity!

Another great and fun way to practice some basic geometry is to play Battleships.   There are also often questions which ask the kids to identify locations and items on a grid - using battleship ideas to plot co-ordinates. 

A couple of years ago I made our girls their own Battleships folders which are a great thing to have with us with ready printed sheets and a pencil each to play any time, anywhere! You can print your own Battleships grids here! Or just draw your own on scrap paper. This is another great, easy activity that needs very little preparation.


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