French knitting

At the beginning of this year, I began to learn to crochet with my younger daughter. She has enjoyed learning and likes to pick up the wool and hook and make endless chain bracelets and necklaces!

She's getting better and holding and manipulating the hook and wool, and even managed to make a little stuffed monster!

Then this week at school we saw someone in her sister's classroom doing some French Knitting, so a new interest was found!

We had a French knitting doll at home that we hadn't yet got out of the box, so that afternoon, out it came and with the help of a You Tube video to get us started we gave it a go!

It's such a simple craft to do, and our daughter (aged 8) took to it straight away, and it's now another thing that she can pick up and do bits of here and there when the mood takes her.  It's a great way for her to practice and improve her fine motor skills, and also her concentration!

We've almost got a piece long enough to make a multicoloured mouse with!  
We have a book from the library just now, that we'd got for crochet patterns for making cute creatures - but I noticed there were also patterns for making little animals from French knitting too!

It's a great book with all sorts of fun ideas for making cute little animals with wool!

If you don't have a French knitting doll - you can also make one with a toilet roll tube and lolly sticks! 

Have you tried French knitting? Have your kids? What else can you make with these tubes of knitting?


  1. Everyone had a Knitting Nancy when we were little!!! I don't know that we made much with the resulting 'knitting' other than competitions to see who could make the longest. Must invest in one for the little people.

    1. A Knitting Nancy!! So that's what they're called!! Cute name! I love them - such a simple idea!


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