Pass the Bomb

This is a wonderfully simple game that we've discovered is great fun to play with our kids.

It's a very simple idea. There is a set of cards with 2 or 3 letters on each. The aim of the game is to make words using those letters either at the beginning, middle or end - depending on the roll of a special die.

What makes the game more exciting is the 'bomb', which gets

passed around those playing. You have to hold the bomb when it's your turn until you think of a suitable word, then you can pass it on.  If you're left holding the bomb when it explodes you lose that round.

The game box says it's for players age 12 and up, but both our girls, aged 8 and 10 played it quite comfortably.  

It can be played as per the rules with 13 cards to work through - or sometimes we just play with random cards and no particular end to the game other than to have fun!

Any game that encourages kids to have fun with words is great, this also encourages thinking under pressure, and it's always funny to see what creative words both kids and adults try to get away with in order to 'pass the bomb'!

I'd definitely recommend this as a fun family game!

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