Minimum two word answer rule

"So what did you do at school today?"


"You must have done something. Did you do any maths?"


"What about English?"


Have you had a conversation like this with your kids? 
Not much of a conversation really is it!

We've had some success with our kids getting them to tell us about their days at school by using conversation coasters I made.

But I heard another idea from a friend that I'm going to try with our kids.  

The minimum of two words rule.

She doesn't ever let her kids get away with a one word answer. Even if I say "hi" to them, they can't just say, "hi" back, they have to say for example, "Hi, Jill".
So no longer can they just answer with an abrupt - 'nothing' when you ask what they've done at school! Brilliant!

I really like this idea and think it's a great habit for kids to get into!

Do you have any hints, tips or ideas for improving kids conversational skills? I'd love to hear any!

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