Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Minimum two word answer rule

"So what did you do at school today?"


"You must have done something. Did you do any maths?"


"What about English?"


Have you had a conversation like this with your kids? Not much of a conversation really is it!

We've had some success with our kids getting them to tell us about their days at school by using conversation coasters I made.

But I heard another idea from a friend that I'm going to try with our kids.  

The minimum of two words rule.

She doesn't ever let her kids get away with a one word answer. Even if I say "hi" to them, they can't just say, "hi" back, they have to say for example, "Hi, Jill".
So no longer can they just answer with an abrupt - 'nothing' when you ask what they've done at school! Brilliant!

I really like this idea and think it's a great habit for kids to get into!

Do you have any hints, tips or ideas for improving kids conversational skills? I'd love to hear any!


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