Scale drawings and new bedrooms

Our girls currently share a bedroom. They get on well together but they're getting older and beginning to want their own space. So at the end of this year, we're reorganising our house so they can have their own bedrooms. Needless to say the girls are very excited about this - especially the part where they get to choose the colour and decor for their rooms!
They're both saving up their money to be able to buy things for their new rooms. However, when we went out to the shops the other day, they were excited about buying things like storage ottomans, and comfy bean bag chairs - despite me trying to tell them that there wouldn't be enough space in their rooms.

So, when we got home, we got out the tape measure and some squared paper and made scale drawings of their new bedrooms and the furniture they're going to put in them so they have more of an idea of the space they have.

They'd never made a scale drawing before, so it was a good maths exercise for them too.  The squared paper we had was the perfect size to scale our drawings down to a tenth of the original size of the rooms and furniture.  With all our measurements in metres and centimetres, dividing everything by 10 was nice and easy.

We had fun measuring all the various items of furniture. They learnt that they only had to measure the length and width as height wasn't important for a 2 dimensional drawing!

They are now having fun 'moving the furniture' around in their rooms and deciding who will get which bookcase, and desks etc.   Since we still have a couple of months to go before everything happens, I'm sure there will be lots of different plans get made for their rooms before then.

Now all they have to do is decide on colours!

Do your kids have their own bedrooms? Did you let them choose their own colour and style?

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