Sweet sushi

In the recent school holidays our girls made some fun sweet sushi to share with their friends when they came to visit.

It was a very messy and sticky process to make, and our second batch made with the aircon on turned out much better. The heat and humidity made things melt a little and so construction was a bit tricky!

Basically, the 'rice' is rice crispie cereal mixed together with melted butter and marshmallows. The 'seaweed' to wrap around the rice is fruit roll ups (we could only find multicoloured, no plain green), and the fillings are various jelly sweets.

The result did look pretty good - after it had been refrigerated and presented on a nice dish.

Our guests were super impressed and the kids certainly enjoyed eating the sweet sushi treats!
 (they were a little too sweet for the adults!)

This was another fun activity to do, and was part of a challenge we set ourselves in the holidays to do a little something Japanese each day!

Have you ever tried sweet sushi?


  1. I was really curious when you posted this, but it's a great idea! What's the dip?

    1. There was no dip Agy. I only put the dish in the middle for decoration!

  2. My kind of sushi as I hate seafood! Great idea!


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