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Be our Best
How could I not want to be involved in this?
For me, Be our Best is a culmination of a year’s adventure for Jill looking at what interests her in a changing world where work, children and opportunities are changing faster than ever before.  As globalisation pushes ever onwards and the internet allows everyone to be an expert, it is important to have a unique voice in the world.  Be our Best will allow this and provide a platform for both Jill and I’s views to be shared and explored.
Education is the key to both my professional life and fulfilment in my private life.  As a father of two and a mentor, teacher and often counsellor to thousands of international students over the last decade, life experience puts me in a position to write, comment and share views.  This is the forum.
Children or kids are the future and the way we live on even when we are dead and gone.  Be our Best is the way that we can share ideas for all kids to grow from and provide parents with a reason to move their butts and take a greater interest in the precious time that is childhood.  Equally through re-exploring and revisiting our own childhoods we all have information and knowledge to pass on.  This blog, however it grows, will allow us to identify things to do, purposeful games to play and provide time to share with children.  I think the single most important thing a child can be given is time.  Motivation, knowledge, confidence and playing with your child gives more satisfaction and growth than any amount of technology, money or other substitute for time.
I hope you will take this journey with us.  I have always wanted to be my best so this is another forum for that.  Literacy is a foundation for my success, we cannot survive without an understanding of all things numeric and the glue that holds it all together and reduces inevitable life stress is health and fitness.  These will provide the pillars of posts and tie the core values and beliefs of the blog.
Don’t be a stranger or a shadow in the background, constructive feedback is the key to greater knowledge and growth.  I love devil’s advocate and through using words it is amazing how we can develop emotion and controversy.  Comments are the key and will also give us further fodder and spark ideas for further informative posts.
I think it is time to close this now, now it is your turn, what is the key to be your best?


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