Jigsaw puzzles

I'm a big fan of jigsaw puzzles.  As a child growing up I remember there often being a big sheet of plywood on the dining room table (that could then be moved at meal times) covered with jigsaw pieces and half finished puzzles.  My parents loved doing puzzles - and still do.

I enjoy the challenge but must admit I don't enjoy when it comes down to the plain blue sky section, or another such plain colour chunk which brings you to the point of trial and error of pieces rather than looking for the right colour, shade or featured piece.

Our daughters took to puzzles at a young age, especially our elder daughter.  She has always amazed us with her jigsaw puzzle skills, particularly since I can't figure out how she does them!  She doesn't appear to look for the pieces in any logical order (as far as I can see) but still finishes the whole puzzle very quickly indeed!

Jigsaws are great for developing hand-eye co-ordination, spatial awareness, logic, analytical and deduction skills.  They are great exercises for your brain, and so long as you stick with a suitable size puzzle for age, they provide a fantastic sense of achievement when completed!

Nowadays there are many different types of jigsaw puzzles - including mosaics and 3D. There are also some great jigsaw puzzle - puzzles, which have an added 'problem' to solve after you complete the jigsaw - the clue being in the completed picture!  An added incentive to finish!

Do you enjoy puzzles?  Do your kids?  And do you have any tips to make those large expanses of one colour easier or more interesting?


  1. Puzzles are great fun! We sometimes get one out and leave it out on the dining table to work on. However, our table is covered with art supplies right now... ugh.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm now following you back!

  2. I love puzzles but haven't done them in so long for lack of space to keep it without little hands getting into it!

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  3. Wow leaving a half done puzzle on the dining table is a neat idea ..am going to do that. Both my kids are reasonably good at them but their response to starting it is kind of luke warm. I think its a neat idea. Thanks for sharing :)


  4. I have to say, I hate puzzles! :( But my family loves them and they think I'm totally crazy for not loving them too. :)


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