Spelling City.com review - premium membership

A while ago I found a great website for helping our kids to practice their spelling :

So a few weeks ago I was thrilled when they contacted me and offered me a trial of their premium membership so I could review it!  I signed up straight away, and have been making good use of it with my girls weekly spelling lists they bring home from school!

The site has a great selection of games and activities that can be played for free. You can create an account as a parent - then type in your kids spelling lists and save them so they can use those words in various games. 
There are games to match the words with sentences,  find the words in wordsearches, writing sentences practice, and of course various spelling games. A big favourite of my girls is Hangmouse:
Where you have to guess the word in a certain number of guesses otherwise the cat wakes up and catches the mouse!

As I said, we had been enjoying using this site for a while - but since starting up our Premium Membership, we have been even more impressed, and our girls have had even more fun with all the new games they now have access to!

With the premium membership, I can now keep track of what our girls are doing. I can set them 'assignments' with particular spelling lists -and they enjoy logging on to see which of the games I've chosen for them each time!  A new favourite is Letterfall.  This game is not unlike the old-fashioned space invaders games I remember played as a child - except instead of shooting up at things, you have a mouse with a basket who has to catch the letters as they fall!

The game gets progressively harder with things other than letters falling which may give you bonus points, or take points away if you catch them! So you have to pay attention to what you're catching!

Another favourite of the Premium Membership games is Word-o-Rama which is a word game show, where you have to identify the word by their definition, synonyms, antonyms, or context in a sentence.

With the premium membership - not only do you have access to lots of extra games and activities - you also get some great features that enable you to track your kids progress.
I like being able to see what activities my girls have been doing - and the scores they have achieved.

I am finding that the premium membership is a great resourse to have to help my girls with their school spelling homework - and the often stay on afterwards playing more games of their own choice!

I would highly recommend this site to anyone with kids to help them with their spelling and vocabulary skills. The upgrade to Premium membership costs $29.99 for a whole year and up to 5 students. There are also better deals for teachers signing up whole classes or schools with even more students registered.

Go and take a look - it is a fantastic and fun website for kids - which also allows parents to see their kids progress educationally through the games.

Thank you to SpellingCity.com for the opportunity to experience the Premium Membership!

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