Dumb ways to die – kids Metro advert

Well done to Metro trains Victoria!

Dumb ways to die has caught the eye of kids and parents all over the world and made them talk about how to behave around level crossings and also trains and train stations.

There is also a website...

Whilst you have to question the common sense of running onto train tracks, equally eating super glue.  OMG really???
The cute animations keep kids watching, the ‘get stuck in your head’ tune will stay with you and the overall message is don’t be stupid.

I am all for any way of helping kids follow the right track (pun intended!) and if this stops one kid from going onto train lines or electrocuting themselves with a toaster, it has done it’s job.
Anyone who says it is just sensationalising and encouraging doing stupid things should stop there.  To me, natural selection has a place to play and anyone who puts their head in a grizzly bear’s mouth, will definitely not be using the internet and probably doesn’t have that long a shelf life.
I am also sure there is a lesson for those homeschoolers who could pause the clip at the end and test their kid on the crazy monsters and how they have died.

Go Metro, Melbourne I am looking forward to travelling on your trains soon.

For those in wet areas such as us in Cairns, North Queensland, this is the other animation with a message that should go viral!
Don’t play in pipes and drains

Take care, stay safe through the holidays.


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