Spelling corrections - Language conventions practice for Naplan

Spelling is something that kids always need practice in.  The Naplan tests have several questions in the Language Conventions section of the paper where the kids have to identify the words that are misspelled and then correct them.

I thought I might practice this with my girls - but again try to find a fun way to do it.

Last week I made them these fabric envelopes with their names on, and told them they were for me to leave things in for them - notes, things I've made them, or perhaps things they have left lying about that need putting away!!  They are excited about the idea of checking their 'mail' each day.

I thought I'd use these envelopes to leave them short notes - with a few spelling mistakes in, to see if they can correct them for me!

The idea is that they correct my notes, and that they can also write notes for each other - with deliberate spelling mistakes in, and correct each other's!

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