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Do you or your kids read e-books?  Since our girls saved up for their own Samsung Tablets a few months ago, they are quiet happy to read either e-books on those, or 'real' books.

A little while ago, we discovered this great app for the tablets, that allows you to borrow e-books direct from your local library.

It's a relatively new app - and has already gained some good recognition: BorrowBox - from Bolinda Publishing, won the Book Industry Digital Innovation Award earlier this year here in Australia!

We discovered this great app, after I bought a couple of books for our daughters from the local charity shop.

The books were from the very popular children's Molly Moon series.

Both our daughters read the first book in the series and loved it. Of course the other book I had found wasn't book 2 but book 5!

So we went onto our local library website to see if we could reserve the second book to pick up next time we went. The library did have the book, but only as an e-book.  So we went ahead and reserved, then downloaded the book to our computer.  We then received an email with the reservation details on and also details of this Borrow Box app.

So onto her tablet our daughter went, downloaded the free app, logged in with her library card details, and there was the book all ready for her to read!

The book stays in the app for the reservation time, when you have the option to renew just as you would with a regular library book.

I am so pleased we stumbled across this app. Our girls love reading and so do we. The collection of e-books and also audio e-books that our library has is huge!  

To be able to seize a moment with a kid who shows an interest in a particular book  - to be able to instantly produce that book for them to read is wonderful! Anything that encourages reading in children definitely gets my vote.  

Is your local library linked to Borrow Box? Bolinda Digital, the e-publisher that produced Borrow Box is Australian, but I couldn't find anything about it being available in other countries.  I would imagine there is an equivalent though.

Do you borrow e-books from your library? Do your kids?

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