Just do it!

How many times do you say you're going to do something -  but then don't follow through?  I'm sure we all do this to some extent.

A conversation I had this weekend made me think of this - and the effect of my non-action on our kids.  The conversation was about laser treatment for eyesight.  A friend has had this treatment and is very happy with it. She was asking if I would consider it for myself, to which I replied no - I'd rather do exercises and improve my eyes that way.  However - the thing is - I'm not doing those exercises - just talking about them!

I even wrote a post about improving your eyesight with exercises last year - back in July.  Now, nearly 7 months later I've done nothing!
To be honest - I first read about improving your eyesight with exercises more than 20 years ago - and still haven't motivated myself to do and stick to these exercises to rid myself of my glasses!

So why do we find it so difficult to stick to things and do things that we know will have such a positive and beneficial effect for us?  Laziness would be my guess here - the fact that I will need to stick to these exercises every day!

Our eldest daughter is definitely a little short sighted, just like me. We know this just from seeing what she can and cannot read when we're out and about.  I don't want to get her glasses - as I know they aren't something that will help her eyes improve at all.  Last week back at school, she told me she had to read something on the board and it was small and tricky to read - although she did manage.

 It's time I stopped talking and started doing!  When I first mentioned eye exercises to our daughter - she was very keen and wanted to try them out!  I think she would enjoy it if she and I spent a few minutes each day doing our eye exercises together. Not only would it benefit our eyesight, but it would also be something we could share together - and we all know how much kids enjoy when we spend time with them and give them attention.

So today I have put up the eye-chart that I photocopied last year, and marked out the distance to stand from it to check where our eyesight is now.
I've also got out the folder full of notes I've made on exercises we can do to improve.

My procrastination on this isn't just affecting me - it's affecting our daughter, who I could have helped months ago.  Surely helping my kids should be a good enough motivator for me to do something!

How about you? What have you been putting off?  What could you start TODAY that would have a positive and beneficial effect on your life and perhaps that of your family and kids too?

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