How to improve eyesight

Have you ever heard of the Bates method for improving your eyesight without glasses?  It works on the theory that many sight problems are the result of habitual strain on the eyes, and exercises using the muscles surrounding the eyes can correct these problems.

I am short sighted, and got my first pair of glasses when I was in high school.  I never liked wearing glasses - even though I only needed them for distance work and didn't wear them all the time.  My first glasses were pink National Heath standard issue frames - not very pretty at all, but they were the free ones you got in England as a kid. 

I discovered the Bates method a few years later, and tried out the exercises with noticable effect.

One exercise - called palming, where you cover your eyes with your palms to totally block out any light and so completely rest your eyes, I found very effective.  After a few minutes of palming, as I took my hands away from my eyes, there was a split second where everything was sharply in focus, before things blurred once again.  This gave me hope that the exercises could work and it was possible to improve my eyesight.

Unfortunately, I think the fact that I only needed to wear my glasses occasionally, and the exercises need to be done daily and consistently, meant that I didn't stick at them, and today I still need glasses for driving, and other long distance things such as theatre and watching my daughters' school performances.

My eyesight has improved somewhat since I was a student.  After 10 years of travelling, not studying and not putting my eyes under strain, my glasses prescription is now much weaker than before.  I don't want them to deteriorate again. This is an improvement I want to continue! 

I found an excellent and very comprehensive website all about the Bates method of improving vision:

It explains the theory, how to do the various exercises, including some screen games you can do at the computer and also has case studies with stories of people who have improved their eyesight using these methods.

My interest in the Bates Method has been revived by the fact that I now have children who I want to have good and healthy eyesight.  But also because I am now working many hours a day on the computer - which undoubtedly is putting a strain on my eyes. 

I firmly believe that I can improve my eyesight by 'exercising' my eyes - just as I keep my body healthy and fit my exercising.  Now all I need to do is stick at it!
The fact that it isn't just my eyesight but that of my children that I'm concerned about,  should be a good enough incentive to stick at the exercises, and so keep our eyesight in top condition!

Do you wear glasses? Have you ever tried vision improvement exercises?  What do you think of this theory?


  1. LOVE your posts! I am going to click "follow" after posting. I need my glasses - have for a long time but this was interesting. I am going to play the shark game too. Looks like fun. Thanks. I look forward to more.

  2. Haha my mom always told me that i needed to eat lot's of carrots but i like your exercises too!


  3. I read an article when I was in college about eye exercises for improving eyesight some decades ago. I too had glasses for short sightedness in high school. I didn't get around to trying what I remembered until I had my first child. One exercise that seemed particularly helpful was the deliberate focusing on something far away. Everyday when hanging washing I would try to see the birds in the trees in the park over my back fence.

    I managed to go from needing glasses for driving (unable to read signs until I was about 10m from them) to no script at all and 13 years later I still haven't had to get glasses again. I may need glasses as I get older for normal age problems but otherwise 20/20 vision and a slight astigmatism.

    Best wishes
    Jen in NSW


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