Write your own recipes - a great learning opportunity!

Something sparked our girls interest recently - perhaps the start of the new Masterchef series on TV - and they sat down together and made up some of their own recipes!

This has provided a great learning opportunity as we manage to catch and ride this wave of interest!  They used their skills of spelling, instructions (both writing and following), estimating weights, creativity, cooking skills and predictions!

The first recipe to get tested was this one:
Our younger daughter (aged 7) wrote this one and wanted to try it out for her school lunch one day.  So she did!  With this one, we just went with the idea, and didn't manage to measure her 5g to show her how much that was, as we were trying to get ready for school!!
Another day when we have a little more time we'll look at their measurements!

Then this weekend - our elder daughter made dessert for all the kids (we had friends round).  She followed her recipe, and created a very tasty dish that was gobbled up in no time!

Who knows how long this latest interest will last, but it's definitely one to enjoy while it does - especially when it produces such tasty desserts!!

Do your kids like cooking? Do they like following recipes in books, or creating things themselves?


  1. Gosh, I wish my mom would have done stuff like this with me. Cooking is really not my forte. That is so good that you have gotten them into it, you never know it might be their niche, they may stick with it. Before you know it they'll be making you dinner.



    1. Thanks Sarah! I've started them on dinners - but I'm still doing most of it at this stage! Practice, practice practice and they'll get there one day!

  2. This is awesome. My kids are fascinated by recipes and food and it is such a great way to spend time together.

    1. Thanks Holly - I think most kids love helping out in the kitchen - it's just a matter of whether we as parents have the patience to let them!! :)


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