Got a minute?

Our daughters are both learning about time just now.  They got watches for Christmas (analogue not digital) and are slowly getting there with being able to tell the time in all the different formats!

Our eldest had a book we found with some time and money puzzles in, that she's been practicing in.  During the school holidays we found a fun page which I did with both girls together - practicing some time, and also estimating!

It was all about how many of various activities you could do in one minute!  We had fun trying to guess what we could do, then timing each other to actually try!  As you can see - our estimates weren't always very near our actual results!  And I also found that clicking your fingers for one minute is unnatural and results in cramps and spasms!! (or maybe I just don't click my fingers enough in daily life and my clicking muscles are sadly very weak!)

Workbooks aren't always the most fun way to practice things, but our girls do enjoy doing them - especially ones that have gold star stickers in the back to put on each page as you finish!  This was a particularly fun page in a workbook - active fun for us all!

Do you ever use workbooks with your kids?  Have you found any great ones you can recommend? 
And what suggestions do you have for things you could try in a minute?  The ones we had were:

How many times can you stomp your feet in 1 minute?
How many times can you say, " Lucy left her lollipop in the lunch line" in 1 minute?
How many jumping jacks can you do in 1 minute?
How many times can you write your first and last names in 1 minute?
How many times can you click your fingers in 1 minute?

Remember to guess first what you think you can do!!  
It's tricky to guess!

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  1. Phew! Even contemplating how many things I could do in one minute made me tired! And you're not alone... I tried snapping my fingers and cramped up in less than 20 seconds! I might be able to make decent headway writing my name as many times as I can in a minute, but that's as physical as it gets for me! LOL

    Seriously though, what a fun learning activity for the gilrs! Let's see... What about: How many words can you read on a page in a book. How many times can you say the alphabet... or count to 10?

    Sadly, that's about all my tired old brain can come up with at the moment! If I can think of more, I'll pop back over and let you know. Hope you're having a great week!

    ~Mrs B


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