Cake smashing

What a waste, how could you waste a perfectly good cake?

Wow, cake smashing - AWESOME!!!!

In the days where we are so overly protective of kids and the idea of them getting messy is such a taboo, I think (although not everyone in the household agrees) the idea of a kid jumping head first into a birthday cake is fantastic.

There has been an increasing trend of parents allowing the celebration of their kid's 1st birthday with a super messy cake dive in a professional setting - Safety first!!
Parents are paying anything from a few dollars to $1500 for a fully catered and recorded birthday experience.  Particularly first birthdays are on the menu, the idea of capturing the moment that your child realises that they don't have to wait patiently, be polite and share with everyone is the main reason parents choose to have the occasion recorded in time.  In individual frames the moment the kid sees the cake, gets closer to it, saliva begins to pool and drool, and then the smile breaks on their face until they leap, leave the ground and dive, head first into the icing ooziness of a cake- solely for them.

I think this may be a boy thing, I would be interested to hear whether this is a girl thing or just a boy thing!  I also think that if the cake was big enough, there may be a market opening for adult males!!

It is interesting that Jill's first reaction was, "What a waste of food!"  Perhaps it is the old English upbringing, a hangover from the post war upbringing by parents who brought her up with the mantra, don't waste it and clear your plate, in any case, I couldn't convince her that this would be awesome.

For me it is the pure freedom and abandonment of pure gluttony, fun and freedom to dive tongue first into one of the highlights of a kid's life.  I can barely imagine more fun...

What are your thoughts?  Would you allow it in your house, does it appeal or irk you?
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